Choosing the Right Cantilever Liftgate: From 500 KG to 3000 KG

Choosing the Right Cantilever Liftgate: From 500 KG to 3000 KG
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Choosing the Right Cantilever Liftgate: From 500 KG to 3000 KG

2023/08/16 21:12:34

Cantilever liftgates have found wide usage and become increasingly popular in various industries. These rear-mounted retractable tail lifts come in various capacities, accommodate different cargo sizes and weights, and streamline the loading and unloading process to enhance efficiency. However, with so many choices available in the market, understanding the factors that influence your liftgate choice is crucial. Whether in the manufacturing, logistics, or distribution business, this blog will guide you in selecting the best cantilever liftgate, especially in the 500 kg to 3000 kg capacity range.

Understanding the Basics

Cantilever liftgates make lifting and lowering heavy cargo easy by bringing the vehicle's bed closer to the ground. They operate using the principle of leverage and utilise the built-in extendable arms to evenly distribute the cargo weight. When choosing the liftgate capacity, your sole consideration should be the type and weight of the cargo you handle and the loading vehicles you employ.

Factors to Consider When Choosing 500 kg - 3000 kg Cantilever Liftgates

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing cantilever liftgates with a 500 kg - 3000 kg load capacity.

1.     Load Capacity Considerations

As previously stated, choosing the right cantilever liftgate demands a careful and objective assessment of the load sizes and weights. Where the loads range from 500 kg to 3000 kg, a liftgate that can handle the maximum load, in this case 3000 kg, is perfect. Additionally, you must account for future needs, ensuring your investment remains relevant in the long term.

2.     Vehicle Compatibility

Cantilever liftgates are designed to complement different vehicles, such as cars, vans, trailers, and trucks. The mounting style should perfectly fit your vehicle's design and dimensions to ensure seamless operations and safety during loading and unloading cargo.

3.     Power Source

Cantilever liftgates are operated hydraulically, electrically, and, in some cases, manually. A hydraulic liftgate is ideal due to its robust lifting capabilities if you want to buy a 500 kg to 3000 kg cantilever liftgate for a truck. On the other hand, electrical liftgates are compact and perfect for loading and unloading lighter weights.

4.     Frequency of Use

Frequency of usage plays a crucial role in the choice of a liftgate. Where the frequency of loading and unloading is high, investing in a durable liftgate with faster cycle times is a wise decision. Doing so ensures your liftgate can endure continuous operations without compromising on performance.

5.     Safety Features

Safety is paramount when talking about liftgate operations. When choosing a cantilever liftgate with a 500 kg to 3000 kg capacity, ensure you look for features like anti-skid platforms, safety rails, and remote-control options, as the liftgate's heavy frame makes these features necessary to prevent accidents and enhance operator safety during loading and unloading.

6.     Service and Maintenance

Regular service and maintenance are crucial to keeping your cantilever liftgate in optimal working condition. Hydraulic liftgates with a 500 kg to 3000 kg load capacity will likely require more maintenance due to their enhanced features and heavy design. On the other hand, electrical liftgates require comparatively less maintenance, as they are compact, lightweight, and have fewer moving parts. Therefore, we recommend considering your service and maintenance budget while choosing a cantilever liftgate.

7.     Cost Efficiency

While opting for a liftgate with the highest capacity may seem tempting, it is crucial to consider cost efficiency. We recommend choosing a liftgate with a slightly higher capacity than you require to buffer for future growth without burning a hole in your pocket.

Selecting the perfect cantilever liftgate can impact your business's operational efficiency, safety standards, and overall success. Founded in 2002, 3N Liftgate is a leading liftgate manufacturer in China, specialising in the sale of liftgates for trucks and truck ramps. They work with several state-owned, medium-sized, private, and multinational organisations, manufacturing and installing lift platforms, dock ramps, and other machinery and equipment for their warehousing and logistical needs.

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